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Date Added: 1/8/2021
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1.  Start and warm veh up, drive around a few mins if you can, transmission fluid must be warm before checking fluid
2.  Lock parking/emergency brake and ensure vehicle is in PARK.
3.  Using an allen wrench or socket remove the fill plug on front of transmission.  It is closer to the passenger side front facing portion of transmission pan.
4.  If fluid comes out then your transmission is good to go on fluid, you can replace the plug and you are done.
5.  To fille transmission you will need a fluid transfer pump and some Dextron 4 auto trans fluid.
6.  Fill transmission through the same plug you removed to check it until a constant flow of fluid starts coming back out.
7.  Replace fill plug and your done.


As you should already know, the exhuast will be hot and the cat. converters will be hot, becareful not to get burned.
You may want to put a catch can under the fill plug as fluid will likely come out, but if you don't care to make a mess then ignore this.
To check the fluid on this transmission you leave it in park, DO NOT PUT TRANSMISSION INTO GEAR TO CHECK THE FLUID!

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