Miles $
0-10 100-150
11-20 150-175
31-40 225-250
41-50 250-275
51-60 275-300
61-80 350-375
81-90 400-425
91-100 450-475
101-110 500-525
111-120 550-575
121-130 600-625
131-140 650-675
141-150 700-725
151-175 750-775
176-200 800-825
201-225 850-875
226-250 900-925
251-275 950-975
276+ 1000 +
Negotiate Light Duty Rates – OON Service Providers

 When a VCC request or Unable to Secure Service request is received for a Light Duty Vehicle follow normal
procedures and attempt to keep the dispatch in network.
 If all efforts to secure service in network are unsuccessful you will attempt to secure service with an out of network
service provider.
 When securing service with an out of network provider who requests a VCC you MUST attempt to negotiate a rate
within the rates outlined in the table below.
 Proactively offer the rates below for MRS and based on mileage for a tow as the starting offer.
o Start with the lowest rate and move up to the high range.
 If they refuse the offered rate, request a breakdown of charges and negotiate the breakdown of the individual
charges based on the CE Effective Negotiation Job Aid.
 Follow standard procedures for creating the VCC and following the Full Case Management Guidelines.


Minor services $50-100

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