OON CX Referral:
{Customer name}, this is {your name} from {brand name} roadside assistance. I have been able to secure service with a provider who requires payment directly from you. They accept {MOP}. The cost of service will be $XX.XX, for which you may submit for evaluation of reimbursement. May I transfer you to the service provider to complete your service request?

GOA/VCC Scripting 
” This call may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes. This will be a onetime use Mastercard, valid for the next 30days in the amount of $_______.   In the event of a cancellation, we do offer a cancellation fee of $______, and do you have our callback number if you need to reach us again?” 
IF NO – “Our Vendor Hotline is 1-800-541-2262” 
“Your reference number for the call is ________.” 
“Would you like to take down your card number?” 
Billing zip code 02155 
Outbound to Customer – Unable to Secure/VCC 
your case was just brought to my attention and I’m taking over the case to get service out to you as quickly as possible.” 
“I’m glad that you are safe, and we are providing a _______service on your vehicle?” (Say the Y-M-M of the vehicle). 
“And you are currently located at _______ and you’re going to _________?” 
“Thank you so much and I again apologize for the delay, as soon as I have someone on the way, I will personally give you a phone call/text back and let you know who’s coming.” 
“Thank you, I will speak with you shortly.” 
Inbound ALERT Calls 
“Thank you for calling my name is _________may I please have the customers’ callback number?” 
“Thank you and may I have your CSV & your name?” 
“Is this case already in Alert?” 
“How can I help?” 
  For VCC Calls 
“Did you receive a quote?” 
“Please document the quote in your internal notes as well and place the call on hold please.” 
Negotiations *Be specific, be confident, GET A BREAK DOWN – Out-of-Network 
“Hi! My Name is __________, , I’m really in a bind and could use some help. Can you help me out with a ______in______?” 
“I really appreciate you willing to help me, is there a breakdown for that price? Is there any way you can come down on the price, we normally pay $____in the area for this service, can we do that?” 
Even if unsuccessful in negotiating and you need to secure them, still secure the service 

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