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Fuel Injector Types 94.5-03 7.3L PowerStroke Diesel
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A and AA '94-'97 non-California trucks. They are all 90cc injectors and are single shots.
AB '97 cali, and all early '99 trucks. They are split shot injectors meaning they fire a small pilot shot before the main shot. These injectors flow 130-135cc of fuel.
AC Found in the high torque version of the T444E and do not come in any Powerstrokes. They have the same internals as the AB injectors with the exception of the single shot plunger and barrel. However due to them being single shot injectors they flow 160cc. This is due to the way the split shots work. They have a small passage that opens, much like a port in a two stroke engine, that are uncovered that bypass the injection pressure out the side of the barrel instead of out the end through the nozzle. Because of this pause a portion of the travel of the plunger does nothing for injecting fuel so a split shot injects less fuel for the same amount of travel as a single shot.
AD also split shot but flow 135-140cc of fuel due to a slightly longer plunger stroke. These are found in all late '99-'03 Powerstrokes and T444Es.
AE and AF essentially the same as AD injectors but were called a long lead injector that was used as an attempt to cure a "cackle" issue many people complained about.
BA, BB, and BC essentially all the same and are the same as AC injectors but are found in some DT466s.
BD are the only B codes with the larger 7.1mm plunger and barrel that are single shot injectors. These are the injectors people are usually talking about when they are talking about putting I530E injectors in their Powerstrokes.
BE essentially the same as the AD injectors but found in some '97-'99 DT466s.
EF, BG, BI, BJ, BN and BP all have basically the same capacity and are split shots. However the nozzles vary on them depending on application. They can be found in many DT466s and I530Es.

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