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Ford Taurus 3.0 OHV Intake Gasket Replacement
Date Added: 6/22/2017
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To begin with take a 8 or 10mm socket and disconnect the battery ground, and safely secure the vehicle so that it cannot roll.
Make sure there is no way a spark can be produced as you will be disconnecting the fuel system and fuel will spill as you remove some parts!
You cannot replace the plugs and wires on this engine with the intake on the engine so now is a perfect time to do so if you haven't, this one still has the stock ones and I will be including those steps in this write up as well.
I am also removing the fuel rail as it was busted a few years ago to repair it with JB weld, they are a discontinued and VERY hard to find part so make sure not to break yours.
Also will be replacing the valve cover gaskets.
This procedure is being done on a 2000 Ford Taurus SES 3.0L V6 OHV (U VIN code) with 109k, depending on your year some things may vary slightly but this should cover 1997-2007 models.

If you would like to watch the video I have made about this repair please visit: 

The tools you will need to do this job are:
7mm socket
8mm deep well socket
10mm socket
12mm socket
13mm socket
15mm socket
16mm socket
19mm socket
Torx T-50 bit
Flat head screw driver
Phillips screw driver
Quick disconnect line tool
Vise grip pliers OR hose claim pliers would be must better
Socket extension and swivel joint make this job much easier
Impact guns and socket wrenches also make this job easier

Tear Down:
Begin by removing the air filter cover and tube that connects the filter cover to the air intake manifold.
Disconnect spark plug wires from coil pack brick
Remove 2x 13mm bolts that bolt the coil pack and bracket to head for access to valve cover bolt.
Disconnect lower radiator hose from front timing cover and drain into pan.
Disconnect heater core hoses.
Using a 10mm socket or wrench disconnect the positive wire from the alternator and unplug the connector from it as well.
Disconnect 3 hoses from coolant recovery tank.
Remove the 2x 10mm bolts from the coolant recovery tank and remove the tank.
Using a 15mm wrench release the tension from the serpentine belt and remove the belt, inspect for damage and discard if cracked or damaged.
Remove the 2x 15mm bolts that hold down the alternator and remove the alt.
Remove the 6x 15mm bolts on the top and the 1x 13mm bolt on the side that secures the upper intake manifold to the lower intake manifold and remove the upper intake manifold.
Using the quick disconnect tool, disconnect the fuel supply at the fuel rail at the fuel pressure sensor and be VERY careful not to break it.
Unplug the fuel injectors.
Unplug connectors from the AC unit and O2 sensors under the AC compressor.
Pull engine wiring harness back from the engine so you can get to the left side or rear facing valve cover.
Remove the 8x 8mm bolts per valve cover and remove the valve covers.
Remove the throttle cables from the throttle body
Before you can remove the lower intake manifold you will first have to remove the push rods.
Loosen the 12x 10mm bolts that hold down the rockers and remove the push rods leaving the rocker in place.
Make sure to mark your push rods and reassemble in the same orientation and spot they came from.
Remove the 8x T50 bolts that hold the lower intake manifold to the heads/block and then remove the lower intake manifold.


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