Road Side Assistance / Mobile Mechanic

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Please understand I do not paypal or check payments, services rendered must be paid cash or credit/debit at the time service is rendered excluding motor clubs in which I will accept check or EFT.
Motor clubs welcome!

Automotive Repair
I can work on a wide variety of vehicles from Ford's to Land Rovers as well as diesel trucks with my main experience being in the 7.3 PowerStrokes but I can work on any diesel 2003 and older but 2004 and up the repair I can do is more limited.
Depending on the job I bill by hour or by the job as a whole, depending on the situation my rates are $20-25 an hour and in some cases I can come to you and do the work at your place provided it can be safely done.
As with any job flat rates for jobs can be given as well.
Property Repair and Maintenance
I am able to perform all sorts of property maintenance and repairs but first I need to mention what I will not do which is electrical, sewage, and natural gas/LP services. I will install appliances but I will render no other work on the gas and electrical.
I build porches and decks, clean up of any kind, fences, custom built children's play houses, well system installs and repair, above ground pool installs, crawl space encapsulations/vapor barriers, crawl space/basement repairs, garage doors, interior and exterior fixture installation/repair, mold control and removal, flooring, home automation systems, home security systems, internet and network installation. I will do all sorts of work, just contact me and let me know what kind of project you have going on and I will let you know if and how I can help you out.
Free Clean Up of Property/Basement/Home/Garage
I offer free garage/house clean outs provided there is enough valuable items/scrap metal that I can salvage to be worth my labor then I have no problem with bartering.
Otherwise I can do any cleanup for a rate of $15 an hour, OR once I have seen the work needed done we can negotiate a flat rate.

If you just need a vehicle removed from your property and I am able to do it then I will do it for free as long as you can give me a bill of sale or title and I will have to take a picture of your ID

Pressure Washing
I offer 2 types of pressure washing:
#1 - Using a 3000 PSI Cold Water Pressure washer, most common, $18 per hour $50min and detergents/soap will cost additional.
#2 - Using a 4000 PSI HOT Water Pressure Washing, for serious grit, grime, and grease. $55 Equip fee + $18 per hour, $75min and detergents/soap will cost additional.
No extra fee for fuel for the pressure washer, but if you are more than 25 miles from me I may require additional for mileage to drive to you depending on the size of the job. As with any job flat rates for jobs can be given as well.
Moving Service
I offer 2 types of moving service, to begin with the listed price is for just me helping you, I can get another man to help as well but the cost for him will be additional.

#1 - $14 per hour I will move your items from your home to your vehicle and if you are moving within a hour drive of my location then I can also unload into your new home as well if needed. Stairs will not cost extra with me.

# - $14 per hour I will move your items from your home to my vehicle and/or trailer and then drive your goods to your new home, there will be $25 truck fee which includes 5 miles then after 5 miles there will be a $1.50 per mile charge without trailer and $2 per mile charge with trailer. No additional charge for trailer aside from mileage.
I do NOT offer a covered truck or trailer so I assume no liability regarding weather conditions, I use a full sized truck.
Computer Repair
I provide simple computer repair as in if you need new hardware installed or need your computer wiped clean (reformatted) and Windows reinstalled and that is as far as I am willing to go and my rates are $40 to reinstall windows and your device drives ($60 to do this at your home) and extra for any other programs you want installed. I can build new machines just let me know what you are looking for and I will get you a quote! Please not that I normally do not carry computer hardware so most anything would have to be ordered which would take 3-5 days to receive, sometimes I do have some used inventory.
RV/MotorHome/Camper Repair
I provide a wide array of RV and Camper repair services, everything from water damage repair and remodeling to electrical and plumbing, to roof repair I do most any work to them except for black water tank and line repair as well as resync slides that require a computer or special adapter to do the sync.
Doesn't matter class A, B, or C just bring them to me and I will take good care of you and your land yacht.

Areas I Travel to and Provide Service in NONE

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