Road Side Assistance

Road Side Assistance / Mobile Mechanic

I provide several road side services to get you back on the road ASAP!

Tire Changes $40 light duty / $85 medium duty / $150 Heavy duty, I can remove MOST locking lugs for an additional fee.
Jump Starts $35 light duty / $65 Medium duty / $135 Heavy duty.
Battery replacement $35 light duty / $65 Medium duty / $135 Heavy duty + cost of battery depending on vehicle.
Coolant/Oil/Fuel (gas or diesel) Delivery $35 + actual cost of fluid.
Roadside repair $35 per 30 mins and I can perform repairs such as serpentine belt replacement, no start assistance, brake repair, tire repair, locking lug nut removal, alternator replacement, and several other light duty repairs to get you SAFELY back on the road.
Trailer repair I can attempt to repair your trailer in the event of breakage depending on the situation, $35 per 30mins 20 miles included. If welding is needed there will be additional charges.
Trailer towing
I currently am able to tow standard bumper pull trailers only up to about 8,000k lbs. $50 hook fee, $2.75 per loaded mile.
Light and medium duty vehicle towing I currently am unable to offer towing until winter 2021, I am putting a tow rig together at this time and it is not complete. Will have a large 20' flat bed truck with seating for 4 additional riders.

All prices include 20 enroute miles from my location to your location.
I DO NOT OFFERING TOWING IN THE EVENT OF SNOW OR SEVERE WEATHER, other road side services will depend on the weather conditions and mileage of travel.

Depending on the distance I am from you typical ETAs are 15-45mins, I do give road side calls top priority especially for stranded motorists on interstates/highways, if I cannot get your vehicle back on the road I will atleast give you a free ride to a safe location.
I will NOT leave someone stranded in need of help!
When I accept your request for service you can rest assure I will show up as soon as possible.

If you need help give me a call (423) 202 - 8883, I provide friendly reliable roadside assistance 24/7!
I accept major credit/debit cards.
Motor clubs welcome!

Areas I Travel to and Provide Service in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia ONLY:
Erwin (where I am located, zip code 37650)
Flag Pond
Johnson City
Gap Creek
Dry Creek
Simerly Creek
Stoney Creek
Boones Creek
Bluff City
Church Hill
Flag Pond

These I will not do or work on:

No towing or repairs on motorcycles
I will not diagnose or repair automatic transmissions but I will remove and replace them with rebuilt or used units.
No alignments or serious suspension work, lift kits excluded.
I do not change rim and tires.
I do not do any body work other than installing aftermarket bumpers and grills.
I do not do any air conditioning repair at all.
I do not do heavy duty towing.
At this time I cannot do tire changes on newer model Mercedes vehicles that require special lug tools UNLESS the driver has them.

Please Click HERE to read my terms and conditions of service

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