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Samsung YP-T9 MP3/Media Player
Date Added: 4/14/2016
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If you are familar with my reviews you may have read about another early 2000s model Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player I fancy.
Well after it being stepped on a few times and dropped I don't know how many I decided I would retire it from going with me when I hike or run so I found me another older Samsung unit, this YP-T9 from 2007.
I struck a deal with another fellow ebayer for $30 shipped.
I cannot say a bad word about it, the sound is even better than the K5 I've had the last 5 years, it's less than half the size and I like that it has regular buttons.  My unit is only the 2gb unit but they came in as high as 4gb of storeage. 
These plays music and videos both.

Adjustable Playback Speed, Equalizer Controls, FM Radio, Folder Support, Games, Photo Viewer, Radio Recorder, Video Playback

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