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Samsung YP-K5JAB 4 GB Audio Player with Built-in Speakers
Date Added: 2/24/2016
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This is one of my newest toys, it's a MP3 player with touch screen, but better yet the fold out 1.5W stereo speakers.  I just got this little guy off ebay for $19.50 shipped WOW, used but it's in great shape, just had to get a USB cable for it a bam, I'm ready to listen to some hymns!
Has a very pleasant to view screen, easy to use menu, and the sound is excellent and louder than what you would expect from a small device so this is perfect for when I am doing the camoing thing!
I bought this back in 2011 and it is still working great, even after being stepped on and rained on in the yard I can still get atleast 2 or more hours between charges!

I also carry a few other MP3/Media players but the one listed above was the one really worth going on about!

SamsungK5 MP3 Player

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