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P30 Auto Brake Part Numbers
Date Added: 9/7/2015
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New Components Parts List:
Actuator GM #15968538 $504.05
Pump Assembly (old) GM #15034356 $314.87
Pump Assy (other type) GM #15743820 $322.91
High Pressure Switch (Green Switch) GM #15961566
(The infamous Rotten Green Switch)
Autopark relay GM #12077866 $16.13
Autopark shoe kit GM #15619929 $79.23
Shoe hardware kit (springs) GM #15636877 $5.01
High Pressure Switch GM #15034355
12 Volt Solenoid vickers GM #15149862 $139.05
Cable Actuator GM #15961611 $550.32
Switch assy GM #15688635 $30.75
switch grey actuator GM #10218778 $17.15
(Controls the Auto Park light on Dash)
Hose GM #15961615 $83.37
Here's some more info on the green switch that goes into further detail.
GM part #15961566 for the Green pressure switch and 15034355 for the brown one
if so equipped (may be on later workhorse chassis)..that starts and stops the
pump...this should be kept on board for a spare...since it's failure rate is
very high and is most always the cause.
The thread is a 3/8 24 - - a straight thread, not tapered like a pipe thread.
The switch closes at 1200 psi and opens at 1600 psi
Gm part #10218778 is the pressure switch that turns on the auto park
light....when the tranny is in park...
Mail order for GM parts...

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