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Ford Taurus Fuel Pump Replacement
Date Added: 3/4/2016
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Here I will cover the steps I had to go through to remove the fuel tank and fuel pump assembly and replace it and the fuel tank as well as the fuel filter.  You will have to have your vehicle raised or jacked up, please be very careful and make sure the vehicle is secure before starting this project! First you need to decide if you want to replace just the pump itself or the entire assembly with the sending unit and all, I just went for a whole new assembly as I got a real good deal on ebay, but if you goto a brand name store, expect to pay $160 plus for the whole thing and you may just want to replace just the pump.  Now is a great time to replace the filter as well, they are real cheap.

If you are going to remove the fuel then go about it in whatever order and fashion you see fit, mine is a little over half full and I have a motorcycle jack which will hold it without tipping over.

You can also watch the video of this repair HERE

For this project you will need the following tools:
Something to remove and install the fuel tank (especially if you are doing this by yourself like I am)
13mm Socket for tank strap bolts
Socket Extension
Not required but for sure recommended that you have a impact wrench/gun to break lose the rusted tank bolts, and maybe some lithium grease/WD-40/PBlaster
Flat head screw driver

Start by safely lifting and securing the vehicle.
Next disconnect the wiring harness that is attached to the passenger front side of the fuel tank.
Now remove the fuel line retaining clips from the line that goes from the tank to your fuel filter can.
If you intend to replace the fuel filter, then remove the other fuel line the same way, loosen the filter bracket and remove the old fuel filter.
Goto the back of the fuel tank and using a flat head screw driver loosen the hose clamps on the fillter and breather hoses and have fun disconnecting them.
Next you will need to disconnect the evap hose, there will be a yellow retainer clip, careful not to break it like I did, if you do the Ford part # is 1F1Z-9A317-FA and they are about $5 from the Ford dealer.
Now you get to support your fuel tank how you decide and remove the 2x 13mm bolts holding the tank straps at the rear of the tank.
Lower and remove the fuel tank carefully and clean off the top.
Disconnect the other wiring harness connector from evap tube.
Remove retainer clip and remove fuel line from pump assembly.
Using a screwdriver and hammer remove the collar that secures the top of the pump assembly to the tank, NOTE THE ORIENTATION, and carefully remove (especially if you are reusing)
    IF you are just replacing the pump and REUSING your old assembly:

Reinstall your pump and assembly into the tank be VERY careful, I find it's best to fit the float in first and then the strainer bag.
Reinstall collar using a hammer a screw driver.
Reconnect the evap to harness.
Reconnect fuel line to fuel pump and replace retainer clip.
Slide tank back into place under car, be careful to get in correct position.
Reconnect the tank harness to the vehicle harness.
Reinstall the fuel tank straps and 13mm bolts.
Reconnect the filler tube and vent tube and tighten down the hose clamps.
Reconnect the evap line and reinstall the yellow retaining clip.
Lower your car back to the ground.
Before starting switch your ignition switch on and off 3 or 4 times to get the fuel pump to prime and hopefully get the air out of the lines and it should start right up first try.  If you don't hear your fuel pump kick on then you have another problem.

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