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7.3 PowerStroke Turbo Removal and Install
Date Added: 11/23/2017
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To begin with make sure to disconnect the negative battery cables.

You will atleast need a new set of O-rings that seal the turbo to the pedestal and pedestal to the engine.
Part numbers F4TZ-6N653-A and

Remove the turbo intercooler pipes 12mm nut on clamps.
Remove piping from air filter box to turbo 8mm bolt on bracket holding down last section of pipe.
Disconnect power wire from intake heater 10mm nut and remove ceramic spacer and remove groding wire.
Disconnect solenoid conector and sensor connector from spider piple and EBPV connector on turbo pedestal.
Disconnect vaccum lines from spider pipe.
Losen clamps on lower connections to intake plenum.
Losen and remove clamp between spide pipe and turbo outlet.
Gently remove spider pipe by lifting upward and wiggling side to side slightly.
Remove V clam band on down pipe and the one on the rear connecting turbo to uppipes (PB blaster is recommeded, this can be a major pain).
Disconnect acuator arm from EBPV.
Remove 2x 13mm bolts in the middle of turbo holding unit to pedestal.
Remove turbo.
Remove 4x 10mm bolts that retain the pedestal to the engine.
Remove pedestal.

Installation:  (obviously make sure at the least the mating surfaces are clean)
Install new O-rings onto oiling ports on block and carefully reintall pedestal without pinching the O-rings and install 4x 10mm bolts.


YouTube Videos:
Turbo Removal -
Turbo Installation -


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