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2005 Ford Explorer Fuse Diagram
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Rear Relay Box: Ford Explorer (2004)  Assignment of the relay in the Rear Relay Box (2004, 2005)

Relay 14 Not used
Relay 15 Trailer tow back-up lamps
Relay 16 Not used
Relay 17 Not used
Relay 18 Not used
Relay 19 Trailer tow park lamps
Relay 20 Trailer tow battery charge
Relay 21 Not used
Relay 22 Not used
Relay 23 Not used
Diode 3 Not used
Diode 4 Not used


Passenger compartment
Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Ford Explorer (2005) Assignment of the fuses in the Passenger compartment (2005)
Amp Rating Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel Description
1 30A Memory seat module, Driver power seat, Driver power lumbar
2 20A Moonroof
3 20A Radio, Amplifier, DVD
4 5A Front wiper module
5 15A Flasher relay (Turn, hazards)
6 10A Key-in-chime
7 15A Heated mirrors
8 5A Heated PCV (4.0L engine only)
9 15A Not used
10 10A Heated backlight relay coil, A/C clutch contact
11 20A Heated seats
12 5A 4x4 (switch)
13 5A Overdrive cancel switch
14 5A PATS
15 5A Rear wiper module, Cluster
16 5A Power mirror, Manual climate control, TPMS
17 15A Delayed accessoiy relay coil/Battery saver coil and contact/Reading and glove box lamps
18 10A Flexible fuel pump
19 10A Restraint Control Module (RCM)
20 5A Memory driver seat switch, Driver seat module, Body Security Module (BSM), PATS LED
21 5A Instrument cluster, Compass, Flasher coil
22 10A ABS, IVD Controller
23 15A Not used
24 15A Cigar lighter, OBD II, Neutral tow
25 5A Mode-Temperature actuator for auxiliary climate control, Trailer tow batteiy charge relay coil, TPMS
26 7.5A Reverse park aid, Brake shift interlock, IVD switch
27 7.5A Automatic dimming mirror, Digital transmission range sensor, Backup lamps
28 5A Radio (Start)
29 10A Digital transmission range sensor, PWR feed to fuse #28 (Start feed)
30 5A Daytime Running Lamps (DRL), DEATC climate controller, Manual climate control, Manual climate control temp blend actuator
Passenger compartment (top side)
Instrument panel fuse box diagram (relay side): Ford Explorer (2005)
Relay 1 Flasher relay
Relay 2 Rear defrost
Relay 3 Delayed accessory relay
Relay 4 Open
Relay 5 Battery saver
Relay 6 Open
Relay 7 Open
Engine compartment
Under-hood fuse box diagram: Ford Explorer (2005)   Assignment of the fuses in the Power distribution box (2005)
Amp Rating Description
1 60A** PJB #1
2 30A** BSM
3 Not used
4 30A** Rear defrost
5 40A** Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) pump
6 60A** Delayed accessoiy, Power windows, Audio
7 20A** Power point #2
8 30A** 4x4 shift motor
9 20A** Power point #1
10 30A** ABS module (valves)
11 40A** Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
12 50A** Ignition relay, Starter relay
13 40A** Trailer tow battery charge, Trailer tow turn signals
14 10 A* Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) (Canada)
15 15 A* Memory (PCM/DEATC/Cluster), Courtesy lamps
16 15 A* Park lamps, Autolamp parklamps, Front foglamps relay coil
17 5A* Two-speed 4x4 (relay coils)
18 20 A* PCM with two-speed 4x4 clutch
19 20A** High beam relay
20 30A** Trailer electric brake module
21 30A** Front wiper motor
22 20A** Low beam, Autolamp
23 30A** Ignition switch, PCM diode
24 Not used
25 15 A* Brake on-off
26 20 A* Fuel pump
27 20 A* Trailer tow park lamps, Trailer tow back-up
28 20 A* Horn relay
29 60A** PJB #2
30 20A** Rear wiper motor
31 Not used
32 Not used
33 30A** Auxiliary blower motor
34 30A** Passenger power seat, Adjustable pedals (non-memory)
35 Not used
36 40A** Blower motor
37 15 A* A/C clutch relay, Transmission
39 15 A* Injectors, Fuel pump relay coil
40 15 A* PCM power
41 15 A* Coil on plug (4.6L engine only), Ignition coil (4.0L engine only)
42 10 A* Right low beam
43 10 A* Left low beam
44 15 A* Front foglamps
45 2A* Brake pressure switch (non-AdvanceTrac vehicles)
46 20 A* High beams
47 Horn relay
48 Fuel pump relay
49 High beam relay
50 Front foglamps relay
51 DRL relay (Canada)
52 A/C clutch relay
53 Trailer tow right turn relay
54 Trailer tow left turn relay
55 Blower motor relay
56 Starter relay
57 PCM relay
58 Ignition relay
59 Not used
60 PCM diode
61 A/C clutch diode
62 30A CB Power windows circuit breaker
    * Mini Fuses
** Cartridge Fuses
Auxiliary relay box
Auxiliary relay box: Ford Explorer (2005)
Relay 64 Tvvo-speed 4x4 motor clockwise
Relay 65 Two-speed 4x4 motor counterclockwise
Relay 66 Open

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