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00-07 Taurus Front Brake Pad Replacement
Date Added: 10/29/2015
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1.  Safely raise and support vehicle
2.  Use a 19mm socket on a impact gun (or if using a socket or tire iron then loosen before riasing vehicle) and remove the lug nuts.
3.  Use a 11mm wrench to open bleeder screw on brake caliper and then use a flat head screw driver to pray OR a C clap to compress the caliper piston all the way down.
4.  Use a 12mm Socket to loosen the top bolt and remove the bottom bolt on the back side of the caliper.  DO NOT remove the top bolt all the way and it can hold the top of the caliper in place without putting strain on the brake lines, remove the bottom bolt and just swing the top of the caliper up to replace the pads.
5.  Remove and discard brake pads
7. Install new brake pads
8.  close top of brake caliper and tighten 12mm bolts back down.
9.  Repeat for other side
10.  Bleed brake system starting that the wheel furthest from the brake master cylinder so if you did all 4 brakes then you would go RIGHT REAR, LEFT REAR, RIGHT FRONT, and LEFT FRONT bleed in that order.
11.  Replace wheels and tighten down the 19mm lug nuts.

Test drive, bleed brakes again if needed.

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