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3Inch Downpipe install 94.5-97 OBS F250/F350 7.3L PowerStroke Diesel
Date Added: 2/15/2013
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Check out my video on installing this down pipe

 I need to first mention that during doing this install I already had the transmission removed (in process of swapping from auto to manual) so I decided now is the time to upgrade the DP.
I bought a Diamond Eye 3" down pipe to install on my 97 F350, they sell for around $85 shipped, so it's a cheap much needed upgrade for anyone that still has the small stock downpipe.

To Remove the stock Downpipe:
•Remove the 2 nuts that connect the down pipe to the exhaust (you may need to use some PB, I just forced them off myself).

•Remove the retained ring from the turbo/downpipe and from here I don't see how you are going to get the thing out without cutting it SO, I grabbed my circular saw (with a metal cut wheel) and cut through it like it wasn't much.
I cut it into 3 pieces, I'm sure you can get away with only making 1 cut, but I would hate to have done this with the transmission in!  I did my cutting under the truck, thus I didn't get metal shavings all over the top of my engine.

•After the old DP is out of the way grab a angle grinder and cut the small cuts in the seam where the floor and firewall meet, then take a hammer and beat it down to where your down  pipe will have more room to come on down.

•Slide in the top section of the DP, I did from under the truck, then fasten it loosely to the Turbo.

Install the rest of the exhaust, you have 2 options:
#1 install the 2nd piece (which is what I did).
•Slide second section over first section, take up enough to where you can put it in place with the stick exhaust.
•Fit second section to OEM exhaust and bolt together.
•Install and tighten clamp between first and second sections.
•Tighten turbo to downpipe clamp
#2 you only install the first section and install the rest to your own custom setup.
I had to cut and make my first section just a little shorter so you may have to slightly modify yours depending on your situation.


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